Exploring Kutch

Kutch is a land rich in wildlife, culture and architectural heritage. La Kamp Resort offers a number of tours for those who want to discover off-the-beaten track places in Kutch. Take a village tour, go for a camel safari or horseback trip to places beyond where roads end, and trek in the dazzling white desert of the Great Rann of Kutch. Take in the panoramic views from the Black Hills of Kutch.

At the resort itself, activities on offer include fishing, birdwatching, bonfire nights, cultural shows and lakeside walks. Over a few days stay at La Kamp Resort, you can explore lesser-known parts of Kutch like fortified villages, wildlife reserves, bird rich lake, a number of prehistoric fossil sites and some incredible Jurassic rock formations.

Archaeological Sites

A tour of Kutch offers an opportunity to see much of the distinctive architecture of the district including ancient citadels, caves and monasteries, medieval forts, European-style palaces, mosques and mausoleum complexes, Hindu and Jain temples, and havelis. La Kamp Resort is located near Bhuj, which has impressive palaces and historical museums.

One of the most fascinating places in Kutch, Dholavira showcases the urban planning of the Indus Valley or Harappan Civilisation in its solid brick construction, grid pattern of roads and lanes, advanced drainage systems, an elaborate plan for water harvesting and distribution, smoothed columns, a signboard and exhibits found at this site.